Bug#651637: src:totem-pl-parser: [patch] build with libquvi-0.4

Ansgar Burchardt ansgar at debian.org
Sat Dec 10 21:26:43 UTC 2011


Michael Biebl <biebl at debian.org> writes:
> On 10.12.2011 20:50, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:
>> totem-pl-parser needs a small patch in order to build with libquvi-0.4
>> (currently in experimental).  The package still builds with the old
>> version of libquvi as well.
> Does that mean you are planning a transition of libquvi in the (near)
> future?

Yes, I hope to be able to do so soon.  The old version of libquvi does
no longer really work well (eg. the support for youtube is broken).


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