Bug#632339: Cannot upgrade brasero to ~3.0 on powerpc

shirish शिरीष shirishag75 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 07:52:11 UTC 2011

Dear Matteo,
       While I'm just a user like you, let me share a few details with you.

The situation is the same even on amd64. See for instance :-

$ apt-show-versions -a brasero
brasero 2.30.3-2 install ok installed
brasero 2.30.3-2   stable       http.us.debian.org
brasero 2.30.3-2   testing      http.us.debian.org
brasero 2.30.3-2   sid          http.us.debian.org
brasero 3.0.0-1+b1 experimental ftp.us.debian.org
brasero/stable uptodate 2.30.3-2

While there are certainly other developers who are doing this, the
main guy who has been trying to push the changes is Michael Biebl
biebl at debian.org

There is another part of the story is well. While I do not know a
better way of crawling the Debian BTS I do know that sometimes the
experimental versions .

For instance a bug I reported which I later closed when I came to know
it was because I had network-manager from experimental.


So unless there is a way to figure out if there are no serious *known*
bugs hampering the transition to sid/unstable it is/would be probably
unwise to say anything.

I've been waiting for almost 2 months now and do understand that the
developer and maintainer resources are scare. Also its a volunteer
project so cannot ask much. As a tracking bug its good to have.  Also
its good to check out www.0d.be/debian/debian-gnome-3.0-status.html to
keep an eye on the transition.

Just my 2 paise.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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