glade and Gtk 2.2x and 3.x issues

dagecko at dagecko at
Fri Nov 11 10:16:56 UTC 2011


since the last glade update (about one month ago), the installed version
is a 3.10 series.

However, glade 3.10 series is intended to make GUI using Gtk+ 3.x.
For Gtk 2.2x series, one has to use glade 3.8.x series.

Since some Widgets has been deprecated in Gtk 3.x (like GtkTable, 
GtkHTable, GtkVtable that are managed differently), people who were
working with Gtk 2.2x and previous Glade version are facing some
difficulties to maintain their GUI (I, for example, have to copy/paste
Gtk2.2x widgets, without which the binary will simply crash).

You can read this, for example, to ensure glade 3.10.x and 3.8.x do
not manage the same Gtk versions:

How far is it possible to have both versions on Debian AMD64 (and maybe
on other Debian too...) ? And if you think it is not possible, then


PS: I added the gnome debian maintainer too if this problem implies
all Debian distros.

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