Bug#647272: mailcap deprecated?

Lars Wilke lw at lwilke.de
Sun Jan 1 19:27:14 UTC 2012

* Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le samedi 31 décembre 2011 à 18:01 +0100, Lars Wilke a écrit :
> > your decision impacts mutt, elinks and probably many more
> > packages. What should one do about it, file a bug against
> > all of these packages?
> Filing bugs doesn’t magically fix them.
> Apparently no one is interested enough to do something about it. If you
> are, you can write, as already suggested several times, a tool to
> generate mailcap entries from desktop files. Or you can fix mutt, elinks
> and others to use the freedesktop.org MIME database to open files.

Hm, if i understand correctly the script would have to do the following:

1.   foreach file in /usr/share/applications/*.desktop
2.      look for MIME relevant entries in $file
3.      find the corrosponding MIME definitions in /usr/share/mime
4.      generate mailcap line

- How to handle /usr/share/mime/aliases and /usr/share/mimelnk?
- Also the result would have to be merged with the mailcap file, as i.e. vim
  has no corresponding .desktop file but has a /usr/lib/mime/packages entry.


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