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Wed Jul 30 17:08:51 UTC 2008

We endeavor to meet a client's request for security and protection operatives within 21 days. The client will be able to view applicant skill profiles within 12 days of their request.

Competitive Advantage
With access to a large pool of highly skilled and qualified professionals, Muse International can offer its clients human resource solutions that are cost effective. In short, we can offer a security and protection solution at a fraction of the price of the client's current third country nationals. Furthermore, the client's TCN skill level and efficiency will rise considerably. Effectively, this translates into a greater protection of assets and a healthier profit margin for the client.

Additional Services:
Muse International also recruits and places qualified maintenance operators, engineers, construction workers, mechanics and medical personnel. 

Terms & Conditions of Business
The Client
1.	The client will pay 50% of the total value of their order in advance by wire transfer. The final 50% to be paid by wire transfer on arrival of personnel at the client's place of operation.  
2.	The client assumes all contractual obligations to recruited personnel, including access to insurance, and supplemental insurance for unmarried personnel.
3.	The client must provide recruited personnel with full details of their contract prior to the individual's departure from his country of origin. (The term of the contract to be no more than 1 year)

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Mr. James Prince
Ukraine Operations

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