[Pkg-gnu-smalltalk-devel] PSD(SPETZNATZ) Operators Starting at $1500 a month & O&M at $1200 a month

HR Office info at museprogroup.com
Wed Oct 22 20:19:28 UTC 2008

Muse International - the team that delivers real world solutions to real world problems.

Mission Statement
As a strategic partner with International Peace Operators, we develop and deliver innovative human resource solutions and security services designed to support peace and security missions around the world, anytime, any place and anywhere. Our core services and competencies include recruitment and staffing of highly skilled security personnel, training, risk management, HR information management, and regulatory compliance.

Our Aim
Our aim is to provide clients with highly skilled, versatile, experienced and motivated security and protection personnel. 

Our Objective
Our objective is to offer clients a cost effective human resource solution for their peace and security operations worldwide. 

The Company
Muse International is a young, vibrant security recruitment company supplying the human resource needs of peace and security operators around the world. With a combined total of over forty years experience in the field of security and protection, training and human resource management, our team of recruitment consultants are the most dynamic security and protection human resource recruiters in the security and protection industry today. Where quality counts, you'll find Muse International.

In addition to recruiting security and protection personnel, we also provide an extensive back office document service for our clients. For example, we provide client's with comprehensive documentation on all recruited personnel. 
Note: Recruited personnel also come with a completed MNFI form ready for signature upon arrival at their destination.

Muse International Clients
Our clients are companies and individuals who require highly professional security and protection operatives for their peace and security missions around the world. 

The Muse International Team
Our team includes highly qualified professional trainers, recruiters, security and protection consultants, and human resource managers, supported by an extensive network of internal and external research and back office systems.

Our external network includes access to SBU, secret service, security vetting on all recruited personnel. At Muse International, we go that extra mile to provide the quality and professionalism that our clients deserve and expect from a security and protection human resource provider.  

Our Recruits
Our recruits are primarily drawn from Ukraine, a member state of the coalition in Iraq. 

At Muse International we set our sights high. Our goal is to recruit only the best security and protection personnel for our clients. To achieve this goal we interview, psychologically profile and verify every potential applicant's employment history. We accept no one with a criminal or human violations record.

We are only interested in those personnel who have a proven track record with their nation's Special Forces or special operational forces, such as airborne brigades and anti-terrorist units. Each applicant must have at least 4 years service and experience of multiple combat tours.

Our recruitment process is rigorous and thorough. Once an applicant has met our recruitment criteria, he must then undergo 100 hours of skills training - skills training is a vital part of the recruitment process, as it gives our trainers an opportunity to psychologically profile every applicant.  Not all applicants make the grade, and we do not recycle anyone who fails the skills training program. 

Recruit To Order
Some of our clients prefer to recruit whole teams of security and protection operatives. At Muse International, we have access to a large pool of highly skilled and professional security and protection personnel. We are therefore able to put together teams of operatives that are effective, versatile and adaptable to any environment, be it protecting assets or VIP's.

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