[Debian GNUstep maintainers] First version of split gnustep-dl2 at mentors

Federico Giménez Nieto fgimenez at coit.es
Fri Mar 5 10:24:11 UTC 2010

2010/3/2 Yavor Doganov <yavor at gnu.org>:
> s/GDL2-Intro/GDL2Intro/ here; sorry for misleading you.


>> In this case it is intentional, shouldn't be the documentation placed at
>> /usr/share/doc/<package> according to the FHS?
> I am not aware of such requirement.  GNOME user manuals are installed
> at /usr/share/gnome/help, perhaps KDE ones somewhere similar, maybe
> Java/Mono docs go to a specialized directory as well, etc.
> The average GNUstep developer/user expects to find GNUstep
> documentation at $(GNUSTEP_<DOMAIN>_DOC), which is
> /usr/share/GNUStep/Documentation with our layout.  See the output of
> `dpkg -L gnustep-base-doc', for example.

Ok, now all the documentation is being installed in the proper place
through the .install files.

> Well, DBModeler doesn't accept any options (besides the common GNUstep
> ones), so the manpage can be mostly a stub explaining in a sentence or
> two what the application does and a link to GNUstep(7) in the `SEE
> ALSO' section.  See SimpleAgenda.1 for a very simple example (and many
> other GNUstep apps, too).
> For eoutil, all you need is to nroff-ify the output of `eoutil help'.
> It is thoroughly documented, AFAICS.  No problem here, except some
> mechanical work.
> gdlgsdoc is a mystery to me, give me some time to take a look at it.

Ok, i'll begin with DBModeler and eoutil.

> * The package FTBFSes in a chroot: missing build-dependencies on
>  texinfo and texlive-latex-base?

Added, works good with pbuilder.

> * In the binary-arch target, you do not invoke dh_installmenu so the
>  .menu file is not installed.  Subsequently, the menu trigger is not
>  activated.


> * [Nice to have]  Both the .desktop and .menu file do not include
>  icon.  Please consider the same trick as you did for preview.app.


> * I: libgnustep-dl2-dev: arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share 2328kB 84%
>  GNUstep Make's `internal-install-doc_' rule is a bit dumb as it
>  copies everything that `autogsdoc' spits out in the build dir.  Does
>  this warning disappear if you delete all .gsdoc files in the -dev
>  package in the `install' target right after installation?

Indeed :) I've removed also a big .igsdoc file, i guess it is fine to
remove it too.

> * Please avoid compressing GDL2Intro.pdf.  Most PDF readers in Debian
>  will happily read and render compressed PDF files, but unfortunately
>  viewpdf.app (the "official" GNUstep PDF viewer we have) does not.

Done with the new location of the documentation, out of the reach of

> * Don't forget to recheck all files and update debian/copyright if
>  needed.  As the package is going to pass through the NEW queue, the
>  ftpmasters will inspect it with a certain degree of scrutiny.
>  That's the most pleasant and rewarding part of Debian packaging :-))

Ok, i've added a copyright notice for the html files of GDL2Intro
(stating their final installation path), i think that there is nothing

The new version is uploaded [1]. Cheers

[1] http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/g/gnustep-dl2/gnustep-dl2_0.12.0-1.dsc

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