[Debian GNUstep maintainers] RFH: ALSA output bundle for cynthiune.app

Yavor Doganov yavor at gnu.org
Fri Sep 3 08:01:47 UTC 2010

В 18:00 +0200 на 11.02.2010 (чт), Yavor Doganov написа:
> В 18:19 +0200 на 09.02.2010 (вт), Yavor Doganov написа:
> > I wrote one fairly quickly, but I experience severe memory 
> > clobbering problems, especially at work, where my workstation is a
> > dual-core Pentium IV. 
> It looks like there's nothing wrong with my code; it's a bug in
> GNUstep Base (most probably NSAutoreleasePool/NSRunLoop/NSThread).
> I'm trying to track it down so that we can apply the fix in Debian.
> Everything is working properly for me with GNUstep trunk.
> You can reproduce the *same* bug fairly easily even without my patch
> -- choose a song from the playlist, and then press the blue "i" button
> on the toolbar (or select Tools->Song Inspector... from the menu),
> then press the "MB" button in the inspector window.  This spawns
> another thread to query the MusicBrainz server (regardless of the
> "threadness", of the chosen output bundle, as it has nothing to do
> with it) which always results in a crash.

So, the bug is unfortunately still there, but is only reproducible when
the package is built with no optimization.  Weird...

Since the default is -O2, I think it is OK to upload it now.  Here's an
updated patch -- the new thing is migrating the settings for existing
users.  One annoyance is that -[GeneralPreference _initDefaults] is
called at least three times during initialization, and because of the
modal dialog the user has to press the button thrice :-(  I couldn't
find a way to circumvent this.

I'd appreciate a review and eventually testing; thanks.

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