Bug#405239: libgnutls13: gnutls13 has an unnecessary dependency on libgpg-error

Simon Josefsson simon at josefsson.org
Sat Jun 13 16:27:59 UTC 2009

Kurt Roeckx <kurt at roeckx.be> writes:

> reassign 405239 libgnutls26
> thanks
> The bug was marked as blocking on the libtool bug #419228,

Ah, right.

> which looks to be correct.

No, that bug is about convenience libraries, and GnuTLS has changed and
no longer links convenience libraries with libgcrypt.

I believe this is the situation:

gnutls13's link problem was caused by linking a convenience library to
libgcrypt.  We don't ship libgnutls13 any more, so I don't think we
should spend time on fixing whatever problem it may or may not have had.

gnutls26's link problem is not caused by a convenience library.  It is
caused by direct linking, and I tried to provide a self-contained
explanation in

In other words, fixing the #419228 libtool problem would not
automatically fix the problem for libgnutls26.

> Either you want:
> - This bug on the libgnutls26 package
> - Remove the "blocked by", reassign to libtool, and merge them.
> I'm going for option 1 now, feel free to do option 2, but then
> do it completly.

If you agree that there are two different libtool-related problems here,
I think the right thing is to do:

0) Assert that the 405239 problem is now about the gnutls26 problem,
   and not related to convenience libraries.
1) Remove the "blocked by".
2) Reassign 405239 to libtool


It may be that the solution to one of the problem would solve the other
problem too, but I don't want to assume that.  I think the problems are
conceptually different, and it may be easy to solve one problem but hard
to solve the other.


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