Bug#429695: grub-efi: key combinations requiring ctrl do not work

Junichi Uekawa dancer at netfort.gr.jp
Tue Jun 19 14:39:37 UTC 2007

Package: grub-efi
Version: 1.95+20070604-1


This is a reminder of the bug that upstream also acknowledges, but I
think it needs to be noted down in order to get grub-efi to be usable
in prime-time.

grub-efi does not accept ctrl-{character} keys. Since grub2 requires
ctrl-{character} keys in editing menus (except for the 'escape' and
enter and up / down) you can't really do too many useful things.

I think either of the following needs to happen

1. key needs to be remapped
2. get ctrl key to start working.


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