Bug#466598: grub-pc chokes on grub.cfg, hangs before menu

Barry Schatz schatzb at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 14:30:36 UTC 2008

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I'm sorry, I gave you attitude when I was frustrated. You didn't deserve

I didn't edit grub.cfg, and this is not the first time I installed
grub-pc. I've been using grub-pc for a few months. The edits I did do
consisted of commenting out lines. I don't know the syntax, but I
understand enough to figure out what a conditional block looks like.

When the new version came out, I took a snapshot of the virtual machine
I was testing on and held my breath. The problem seems to be I can't
hold my breath long enough.

If I wait a bit longer I get a menu.  The menu is slow to the point of
unresponsive, but I get a working system if I wait for it to pick the

At this point I assume all of grub2 executes at ring 0 and the slowdown
is due to virtualbox moving all of it to ring 1. I'll reinstall grub-pc
on my tower and see if it's fixed. If so, I hope I didn't waste too much
of your time. Despite my complaints, I like grub2 a lot and I'm really
impressed with the progress it's made.

Robert Millan wrote:
> severity 466598 important
> thanks
> On Tue, Feb 19, 2008 at 04:23:39PM -0500, Barry Schatz wrote:
>> Using the newest grub-pc package, I ran update-grub and then
>> grub-install. Chainloading doesn't work by the way, because
>> it doesn't create the chainload option in legacy grub.
> Was this the first time you installed grub-pc?
>> Booting
>> straight to grub2 results in "Welcome to Grub" and an
>> unresponsive computer.
>> In a previous release the if statements created by 00_header
>> PROVIDED BY THE GRUB-PC PACKAGE were a problem, but removing
>> those if statements doesn't avoid the problem any more.
> What do you see after "Welcome to Grub" when you use grub.cfg AS generated
> by update-grub WITHOUT MODIFIING IT?
>> insmod png
>> if background_image
>> (hd0,5)/share/images/desktop-base/debian-blueish-wallpaper-640x480.png ;
>> then
> This is wrong.  Don't do it.  Don't edit the file at all unless you understand
> the syntax.
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