Bug#567245: gfxpayload black screen with modeset

Sven Arvidsson sa at whiz.se
Sat Feb 6 14:54:09 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2010-02-05 at 03:17 +0100, Julien Cristau wrote:
> > using (the debian) kernel 2.6.32-5 (with CONFIG_FB_EFI=y)
> > i also get a black screen just after "loading ramdisk".
> > It happens when both
> > 	video=i915:modeset=1
> > 	gfxpayload=keep
> > are set.
> > Of course i have an intel gpu.
> > 
> > - kms is enabled and works when i comment out gfxpayload=keep.
> > - no black screen when i remove video=i915:modeset=1 parameter.
> > 
> Similar here, afaict.  Latest grub update enabled efifb which gives me a
> black screen instead of a console.  If I type my cryptsetup passphrase
> blind, the boot continues, but the fb handover to i915 seems to fail, so
> even after i915 gets loaded I still don't have consoles.  I can provide
> dmesg if necessary, but this change needs reverting.

This is the same problem I reported in bug #567393, grub is broken in
both unstable and experimental with Intel KMS. 

I guess these bug reports can be merged.

Sven Arvidsson
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