libspeex1.2~beta3 update soon, please check your package(s)

Ron ron at
Thu Mar 20 03:09:20 UTC 2008


You've received this because a shell script determined that you, or a
team address you get mail for, are among the people responsible for
dependencies of libspeex1.  If the script was wrong, or you got too
many copies, my apologies, I'll have it taken out and shot shortly ...

The short story is, libspeex 1.2beta3 removes all the symbols from
libspeex that upstream had formerly declared were not part of its
stable API.  All of those symbols are now provided by libspeexdsp.

Applications which did not use any of those symbols are going to be
fine, those which did are going to summarily break.

We've had the 'please bump the soname' discussion, and the answer
is still no.  In theory the number of applications affected by this
is supposed to be small, and they are supposed to know who they are.

Unfortunately the maintainers of the libspeex package (including now
me) don't know who they are for certain -- so we need you all to put
up your hands and tell us.  We'll need to make the new libspeex
package conflict with all such apps, and you'll need to rebuild them
with the new libspeex.

There is source for the proposed new packages here:

If you have any other questions, need help figuring this out for
your package, or know the answer as to whether or not your package
is affected, please follow up to:
pkg-voip-maintainers at


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