[Pkg-haskell-maintainers] Bug#553322: Bug#553322: Bug#553322: Should cabal-install Recommend: ghc6?

Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva marcot at riseup.net
Mon Jan 4 01:58:23 UTC 2010

Hi Iain.

Em Seg, 2010-01-04 às 00:25 +0000, Iain Lane escreveu:
> On Sun, Jan 03, 2010 at 10:06:11PM -0200, Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva wrote:
> >Quoting policy:
> >> Depends
> >
> >> (...)
> >> The Depends field should be used if the depended-on package is
> >> required for the depending package to provide a significant amount of
> >> functionality.
> >
> >My point is: is there even an unusual case in that it could be useful to
> >have cabal-install installed and not ghc6?
> Maybe to use a locally installed ghc in /opt or similar. I don't know...

This argument could be used against all Depends: relationships in
Debian.  IMHO, the power user that has ghc6 installed by hand can use
equivs to install cabal-install cleanly in a situation like this.  Maybe
some DD can give us another point of view on this.


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