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Promise Equities Institutional Report

Popstar POPC
Price .30 a share- growing faster than Vonage!
If you like BRVO this past summer from .12 in May to 1.40 in July. Then you will
like Popstar with a 3.00 short term projection.  All the buyig from BRVO was from
Europe and so will be POPC .  
Look for institutional buyside reports on this one very very shortly
 We think a major move in share price is going to take place within days. This
Company is growing at 30 percent a month.  Now That's Growth. Its only a matter of
time before a major like VONAGE buys them at a premium.
SharesOut: 29.7 Million          Float:100,000          
Market Cap: $31.64 Million    Ind. : Telecom/ VoIP
 POPStar Communications has developed an extensive suite of VoIP telephony and
communications services and technologies, and is currently preparing to undertake a
major North American launch for its People Line residential IP telephone service. 
People Line is comparable in service to offerings from market leaders such as
Vonage, and with major advantages in terms of service flexibility and cost.  People
Line has completed a highly successfully, one-year pilot program in Vancouver which
validated its technologies and services, and the Company is now concluding
financing which will enable to begin full-scale retail service rollout within 2005.
VoIP telephony services- the future is here.While VoIP services have long been
touted as the replacement for traditional telecom, it has only been recently that IP
telephony has managed a breakthrough move.  Already responsible for a revolution in
international communications, VoIP is more cost effective, manageable and
technically superior to traditional telecom and many analysts predict that VoIP will
carry more voice traffic than traditional telecom by 2008.  Estimated at a current
size of over $24 billion, the VoIP market has entered a mature expansion phase and
Frost & Sullivan estimates that revenues will reach $171 billion by 2007.  
The Company is implementing an aggressive expansion program which will see the
full-scale retail launch of the PeopleLine service, entry into new markets in
Canada, and entry into the lucrative US VoIP market.  POPStar plans to begin
expansion of its People Line service immediately and to develop solid, recurring
revenue streams as a goal over the next several quarters.  The Company also intends
to pursue synergistic-fit expansion opportunities which will enhance revenues and
broaden its offering.
Based upon conservative growth projections for PeopleLine's expansion and rollout,
we expect POP to realize revenues of approximately $5.2 million for 2006, growing to
$14.3 million and attaining profitability for 2007, and reaching approximately $25
million in revenues by 2007.
POPStar Communications, Inc. (OTC BB Pink Sheets: POPC) is a rapidly expanding
provider of comprehensive VoIP-based communications services and products to
consumer and small business markets.  Founded in 1998, the Company has been involved
in the development and commercialization of IP voice and messaging communications
services through the rapid growth of the VoIP market and through a series of
tumultuous industry evolutions.  Over this period, the Company specialized in fax
and unified messaging over IP for enterprise customers, with clients including
Merrill Lynch offices in New York City.  The Company also continued to invest R&D
efforts into its unified messaging IP platform, spending approximately $10 million
to build out its technology suite.  Following the industry-wide fallout throughout
the telecom field from the late 1990's, POPStar Communications was able to further
refine its service offering to include the high-growth market segment of
consumer-oriented VoIP services as the core of its future business expansion.  
This service, dubbed PeopleLine, has been developed to take advantage of POPStar's
proven and developed IP messaging, billing, and clearinghouse infrastructure and
technology platform.  Initially deployed in a pilot program in Vancouver British
Columbia beginning in 2004, People Line has demonstrated a number of significant
advantages over better known VoIP offerings from players such as Vonage in terms of
pricing and service plan flexibility.  The People Line service will provide
customers with a comprehensive array of local and long distance voice and messaging
services at a price point considerably lower than competitors, with basic home VoIP
service beginning at approximately $9.95 per month and with a complete service suite
of phone, fax, and e-mail offered at $19.95.  Long distance services will be offered
and billed separately, enabling users to choose between the services and pricing
plans which best fit their needs and budgets.  The Company will also sell IP phones,
adapters, and accessories to its customers, providing a one-stop-shop for client's
VoIP needs.  
Complimenting these efforts in residential VoIP services, the Company has a strong
revenue foundation in enterprise IP communications and messaging services.  POPStar
provides carrier-grade IP communications and messaging services to ISP's, ASP's,
VoIP and other telecommunications service providers.  This Enroute product suite
provides a quick start, low-entry cost messaging and communications services ranging
from desktop fax to UM/UC and VoIP, which can be integrated into existing IP
gateways, billing systems, and server infrastructures.  This Enroute platform has
been successfully validated through major deployments to enterprise and service
provider clients in the United States and Asia, and is currently being used to
provide email-to-fax services to a number of major companies in North America. 
Using this platform, the Company has also recently announced the roll-out of an
enhanced suite of IP communications services for business, which will include a
number of IP telephony and messaging services from a single-source at a competitive
price point.  Services planned for introduction include voice mail, auto attendant,
directory, call hunt, call transferring, call forwarding, audio conferencing, and a
wide range of additional fax and e-mail services.
With continued introduction of additional VoIP and IP messaging services for
residential, enterprise, and business customers, we believe that POPStar
Communications is exceptionally well positioned to benefit from the explosive growth
of the VoIP market.  Since commercialization of Voice-over-Internet-Protocol
technologies in 1997, packet voice technology has rapidly evolved and IP gateways
once limited to handling 10 voice calls with poor quality are now capable of serving
over 100,000 simultaneous calls at traditional telephone ("toll") quality.  While
the advantages of VoIP in terms of cost structure (it is estimated that a long
distance telephone call made with VoIP can be as much as 75-90% less than a
traditional call cost) have long been recognized, it has only been recently, with
dramatically improved broadband Internet connections that the industry has begun to
enter a period of rapid growth.  According to the OSS Observer, residential VoIP
subscribers in the United States reached approximately 1 million in 2004,
representing roughly 2.9% of total broadband subscribers, figures which are expected
to increase to 22 million residential VoIP subscribers and broadband penetration of
approximately 36.1%.  On the business side, at least 20% of US businesses now use
some form of VoIP, according to market research firm In-Stat/MDR.  From its current
market size of approximately $24 billion, the global VoIP market has entered a
period of rapid expansion and is expected to reach worldwide revenues of over $171
billion by 2007, according to estimates from Frost & Sullivan.  This vastly improved
VoIP market outlook has not gone unnoticed among the investment community, and
recent months have seen a number of significant M&A transactions which validate this
outlook.  Notable transactions include e-Bay's landmark acquisition of Skype
Technologies in a stock and cash transaction valued at a minimum of $2.6 billion
(with performance incentives that could increase the transaction value to $4.5
billion), Microsoft's acquisition of Teleo for an undisclosed sum, and the planned
$600 million IPO of Vonage.  
Within this rapidly expanding market for residential and business VoIP services,
POPStar Communications is exceptionally well positioned to grow its business and
attain significant revenues over the near term period.  Following the successful
completion of its pilot program in the Vancouver, British Columbia area, the Company
plans to begin nationwide rollout of its People Line service throughout Canada
during late 2005.  POPStar has recently completed financing arrangements which will
facilitate a scaled-rollout into the lucrative US market beginning in 2006, and we
anticipate that in its first full year of operations the Company will reach revenues
of approximately $5.2 million, growing to $25.2 million with earnings of $4.3
million by fiscal 2008.
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