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Sat Sep 17 09:25:48 UTC 2005

Attorney and Notary Public,
Ebany House, Suite 5, 
26, Glover Road,
Email:peterclayz at
Dear Beloved,      

You appeared as glowingly honoured in an American site where I was 
looking for a friend to talk to. That was ROY Baker whose current 
address I had lost was needed back. I wanted him as my friend in 
handling certain private transactions you can consider to do.
I served as the personal attorney to Larry Baker, who worked as a 
contract-staff in the Liquified Natural Gas Project for the Shell-
Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in Nigeria. On the 21st of 
August, 2000, his wife and two children lost their lives with him in 
an auto-crash along the Lagos - Ibadan Highway. After their death, I 
made several enquires to your country’s embassy to locate any of their 
extended relations without any response at all. In fact, recovery of 
their family’s financial claims is important, for which I am getting 
across to you to be a benefactor. This is a family you can represent. 
I shall advise you further to do this.
Assist in repatriating the money and property as a foreign investor or 
next -of -kin to avoid its being confiscated or declared 
unserviceable. These huge deposits were lodged in a finance company 
holding over $12 Million Dollars and asking me to produce the family’s 
next -of- kin within 30 days. Details shall be disclosed to you.
Since locating any of his relatives is difficult, for over 5 years, I 
can present you as the next -of- kin with your consent, because you 
share the same name with my late client. Please, prepare to receive 
over $12 million dollars that finance company is to pay to you; and 
then, please, you must share it with me. Kindly set aside 15% of the 
total sum to reward one of the Company Directors for assisting to pay 
and also 10% for expenses so far.
All necessary legal documents are already obtained to move our money. 
Please, make this deal very honourable. This will be executed under a 
legitimate arrangement and will protect two of us without breach of 
any local or international law.
Therefore, forward your telephone number to me. Let us discuss further 
Best regards.


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