Bug#402603: tomcat5.5: blocks on startup until log pipe is read

Marcus Better marcus at better.se
Tue Dec 12 12:42:49 UTC 2006

>  Is it Debian specific to depend on jsvc to start tomcat?

It's actually the method recommended by upstream:

It's true that it requires a native app (not a library), but it seems to be an 
improvement over the previous method. For instance we get a clean shutdown 
procedure, which signals Tomcat to stop cleanly. If you kill the jsvc 
process, it will let Tomcat do its clean-up before terminating.

The previous solution in catalina.sh appears to be fundamentally broken - it 
spawns a new JVM and launches "catalina.startup.Bootstrap stop" which is 
ineffective, so the init script times out after a while and kills the 
original process. (At least when I tested it - do you have a different 

I've made sure that jsvc is updated and builds on all architectures with 
proper Java support:

So I suggest we let people test the jsvc method and see what happens. (It's 
not considered for etch.) Comments welcome of course.

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