Bug#372880: eclipse can't start: problem opening page

Stephan Michels stephan.michels at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 13:08:34 UTC 2006

2006/6/15, Arnaud Vandyck <avdyk at debian.org>:
> Michael Koch wrote:
> > I can't reproduce this here on i386. Can you please make the output
> > of "/usr/bin/eclise -debug -consoleLog" available?
> Attached.
> Note that when I click OK on the error window, everything disapears, but
> I have to C-c to stop the process (but it's not eating the cpu).

Hi Arnaud!

Have you tried also cacao or jamvm? I wonder if its an gcj-only
problem. Eclipse on
ppc with gcj works for me.

Have you a special ppc machine?

Stephan Michels.

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