Bug#385415: GIJ / priorities

Tim Van Holder tim.vanholder at anubex.com
Mon Oct 16 11:37:36 CEST 2006

A related issue is that GIJ's alternative for java has a greater
priority than any of the sun packages - as a result, installing
a Sun JDK packaged via make-jpkg no longer sets up the 'java' command
correctly (especially given that gij is not exactly a drop-in
replacement yet, it's a shame that it gets such high priority just
because it's the free alternative).

I definitely would like to see the java-alternatives support, as the
current priority system doesn't help (just because I install JDK 1.5
doesn't necessarily mean I want the 1.5 binaries to be the default),
and being able to easily switch between JDKs (instead of having to
change umpteen separate alternatives) would be a blessing.

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