Bug#478104: no plugin for jdk-6u10-beta-linux-x64.bin

Giuseppe Sacco giuseppe at eppesuigoccas.homedns.org
Sun Apr 27 05:44:09 UTC 2008

Package: java-package
Version: 0.41

Hi java maintainers,
I just tried to install jdk-6u10-beta-linux-x64.bin (recently downloaded
from java.sun.com site and got this error message:

~$ fakeroot make-jpkg jdk-6u10-beta-linux-x64.bin 
Creating temporary directory: /tmp/make-jpkg.zeHlwE2644
Loading plugins: blackdown-j2re.sh blackdown-j2sdk.sh common.sh
ibm-j2re.sh ibm-j2sdk.sh j2re.sh j2sdk-doc.sh j2sdk.sh j2se.sh
sun-j2re.sh sun-j2sdk-doc.sh sun-j2sdk.sh

Detected Debian build architecture: amd64
Detected Debian GNU type: x86_64-linux-gnu

No matching plugin was found.
Removing temporary directory: done


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