Bug#348393: Eclipse quit on open Declaration

Thomas Girard thomas.g.girard at free.fr
Tue Apr 29 19:50:38 UTC 2008

Hello Laszlo,

On Mon, Jan 16, 2006 at 08:16:27PM +0100, Laszlo wrote:
> If I select a string (function), right click on it, and open
> declaration(F3), or open definition(Ctrl-F3), eclipse just quit. 
> (Im in C/C++ perspective)

I've just tried to reproduce the bug you mentioned a while ago on my
Debian sid amd64 box, with the following packages:

  eclipse-cdt 3.1.2-1
  eclipse     3.2.2-5
  gij         4:4.3.0-5
  gij-4.3     4.3.0-3

and could make eclipse quit.

Are you still experiencing this bug?



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