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I've had a weird problem today... Eucalyptus uses
libhibernate-annotation-java (=> libhibernate3-java) and
libhibernate-entitymanager-java. The previous version of
libhibernate3-java was "3.3.2.GA-2", which worked well. And now the
version has changed in Squeeze (?!=?!?, I didn't know you guys were able
to change the version like this in a Debian release? Only in testing,
sid and experimental?) for "3.5.4.Final-2", which brings an installation
problem, not even warned by aptitude!!!!

dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libhibernate3-java_3.5.4.Final-2_all.deb (--unpack):
 trying to overwrite '/usr/share/java/hibernate-entitymanager.jar', which is also in package libhibernate-entitymanager-java 3.4.0.GA+dak1-2

Here is the problem (only the interesting lines have been kept):

The install paths of libhibernate-entitymanager-java


The install paths of libhibernate3-java (3.3.2-GA-2):


The two packages here can live together without any problem for sure,
but now with the libhibernate3-java (3.5.4.Final-2), there goes the messing:


This line is seen as a conflict with the
"/usr/share/java/hibernate-entitymanager.jar" provided by
libhibernate-entitymanager-java package!

Well... what am I supposed to do? Did I fall between two package
modifications and the problem is solved now?

The fact is that Eucalyptus is a well-known and (I hope) more and more
used program... I am certainly not the only one with this problem...

Sorry for the bother, but it's hard to resolve the dependencies by
myself here, and this would involve building a separate private tree
from squeeze or change the system I use to host my Eucalyptus cloud
(Ubuntu, e.g.).

Thanks alot in advance for your time!

Simon, from Switzerland
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