Bug#576261: tomcat5.5 - the long overdue stable upload

Niels Thykier niels at thykier.net
Sun Jul 25 12:11:11 UTC 2010

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As the subject suggests I am considering to do a stable upload of
tomcat5.5. I intend to fix:
 #589864 - Missing security policy prevents proper logging ...
 #532366 - Various Security issues
 #576261 - missing dependency declaration on a JDK

I had a short look at some of the other bugs, but decided to go only
with these. If you think other bugs should be fixed by this upload,
please let me know - though please be prepared to justify it and create
a patch for it.
  On a related note, if anyone has started on this process or wants to
help (e.g. with testing), please let me know so we can coordinate this.

As for the rest of the bugs filed against tomcat5.5, I intend to mark
them as wontfix and close them "in unstable"[1], since we have removed
tomcat5.5 from unstable and testing.

I will query the security team + the release team about this and since
they have the final say, I cannot guarantee that all the bugs listed
will be closed.
  I will write back to the debian-java list once I got more information.


NB: This email has been BCC'ed to the bugs in question and their
submitters + posters (except for people I know are subscribed to this
  If you receive this email per BCC and want to be notified about the
progress, ping me and I will put you in CC with my next email.

[1] Making them as "fixed" in 5.5.26-5+rm.

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