Bug#599548: Azureus bug

Brandon winterknight at nerdshack.com
Wed Nov 17 13:22:10 UTC 2010

retitle 599548 By default, closing azureus window does not close application

I can confirm the behavior Dominique has shared. I have unchecked the
option "Enable System Tray" under Tools/Options/Interface, and Azureus
behaves better for me now.

I have retitled this bug to better describe the problem.

Making the close button not close the application is confusing. I've
got nothing against providing the option to make it behave differently,
but making it do so by default is an odd choice. It means that azureus
behaves differently than other applications for no particular reason.
In my case, I don't even have a system tray or notification area, so the
window just disappeared, and I no longer had any way to interact with
the process other than killing it.

The GNOME Human Interface Guidelines suggest making an application
behave consistently with other applications:

Transmission, another bit torrent client, had the same problem.
It has been fixed.


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