[Pkg-javascript-devel] packaging node applications in Debian

Florian Brandes florian.brandes at gmx.de
Tue Oct 4 11:28:33 UTC 2011

Am Dienstag, den 04.10.2011, 11:29 +0200 schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:

> On 11-10-04 at 11:18am, Florian Brandes wrote:
> > Forever depends on 12 other packages. I really wouldn't want to pack 
> > 12 other packages (and possibly there dependencies as well).
> Then you really are not trying to debianize a Node package, as you wrote 
> initially.

Maybe you're right, but I thought creating a working .deb file, which
installs correctly on a debian (-derived) system would be called
"debianize". I am sorry if I have incorrectly used it. 

> > I read about the npm bundle command. Could I use that to "bundle" all 
> > what is required by forever and pack that?
> You can do many things, and maybe that one too.  But if you want to 
> package Debian packages, then avoid npm!

If I understood correctly, to "debianize" forever, I would have to
"debianize" all of its dependencies, right? Therefore I would replace
node package management by debian package management. 

It would probably be best to have npm installed and get those packages
installed through it and not through debian package management. 

I looked at other libnode* packages and they appear to have less (or
none) dependencies. Packaging 12 packages for only one package to work
seems rather...cumbersome.
> Kind regards, Jonas

Thanks for your input and help,


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