[Pkg-javascript-devel] Feedback on new Lazy Load Plugin for jQuery package?

Emilien Klein emilien at klein.st
Sat Feb 11 23:12:57 UTC 2012

Le 12 févr. 2012 00:04, "Jonas Smedegaard" <dr at jones.dk> a écrit :
> On 12-02-11 at 11:42pm, Emilien Klein wrote:
> > (I'm not yet member of the team, and have no [commit] access to the
> > git repos)
> >
> > For now I've uploaded the package to mentors.debian.net [0] where you
> > can download it from.
> Remember I wrote that you can join our team or wrok on your own?
> Uploading to mentors.debian.net is "working on your own" - when you seek
> a "mentor" to "sponsor" the work you do yourself.  It might be
> convenient for you but not how we collaborate in this team.  We work
> together in shared VCS.
> I don't mean to force you to work in a certain way - feel free to do as
> you like, just beware that others might be too lazy to follow the style
> you choose. :-)

I do agree, and I've stated my willingness to join the team. That's why I
opened my account on alioth on Friday and immediately requested to join the
team. I haven't been approved yet, meaning that I can't ask for vcs commit
access, and can thus not push my package there.
Explaining the upload to mentors.
I'm sorry if that got misinterpreted.

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