[Pkg-kde-commits] rev 2199 - trunk/packages/kdebase/debian

Christopher Martin chrsmrtn at costa.debian.org
Fri Nov 11 16:03:30 UTC 2005

Author: chrsmrtn
Date: 2005-11-11 16:03:29 +0000 (Fri, 11 Nov 2005)
New Revision: 2199

Er, this explains the xfonts-konsole situation.

Modified: trunk/packages/kdebase/debian/konsole.README.Debian
--- trunk/packages/kdebase/debian/konsole.README.Debian	2005-11-11 16:02:59 UTC (rev 2198)
+++ trunk/packages/kdebase/debian/konsole.README.Debian	2005-11-11 16:03:29 UTC (rev 2199)
@@ -1,13 +1,25 @@
-Why kwrited doesn't seem to work:
+Installing konsole's bitmap fonts
-Kwrited requires the utempter library to be installed in order for this to
-work. (well installed during compilation time as well) utempter is considered
-a hack by many Debian developers and initial attempts at adding it to the
-Debian archive were beaten down to a bloody pulp.  (ie, there was not one
-single person in support of adding utempter to the distribution).  
+Formerly, the few bitmap fonts KDE included, designed for use with Konsole,
+were shipped as part of the xfonts-konsole package. However, as Konsole no
+longer uses these fonts by default, and most users no longer use bitmap
+fonts at all, KDE now includes these fonts with Konsole itself, and Debian
+has followed this practice, including the fonts in the konsole package, and
+eliminating the xfonts-konsole package entirely.
-So until someone spends the time to add in utmp/wtmp write support without
-using utempter it's not going to exist.
+To make use of these legacy fonts, start Konsole, and under Settings --> Font
+select "Install Bitmap...". This will allow you to copy the legacy Konsole
+fonts to $HOME/.fonts, where, after restarting KDE, all applications run by
+that user, including Konsole, will be able to find them. Also make sure that
+fontconfig is configured to allow the use of bitmap fonts. If you're not sure,
+run, as root, 'dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig' from Konsole.
+Why kwrited doesn't work
+Kwrited requires the utempter library to be installed in order to work
+(and to have been installed during compilation). utempter is considered a
+hack by many Debian developers and consequently it has never been packaged.
+Thus until proper utmp/wtmp write support is added, kwrited won't work.

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