Fwd: Bug#401660: [Pkg-kde-extras] Bug#401660: Library upgrade for exiv2

Andreas Barth aba at not.so.argh.org
Tue Dec 12 18:06:05 CET 2006

* Mark Purcell (msp at debian.org) [061211 23:28]:
> Could I obtain some direction from the release team?
> Will you allow the exiv2 library transition to go forward or would you like me 
> to revert the version of digikam in unstable/ etch?
> Or is there some other option available?

Sorry for not speaking earlier, but we are currently quite busy with
lots of requests coming to us.

> I see two options.
> 1. Take the library transition of exiv2 forward, or
> 2. Revert the version of digikam in etch to 0.8 via an epoc upload to
>  unstable which doesn't have this issue as it doesn't use exiv2.
> I'm pretty happy with either option, but understand you maybe looking at a
> greater picture.

I tried to get some more input. My basic assumption even a week ago was
"please no library changes anymore unless absolutly necessary", but I
tried to get a second opinion on that:

13:15  <aba> ana: do you have any opinion on the exiv2-upgrade?
14:33  <ana> aba: i am aware of the problem with digikam (and another
pkg-kde-extras packages), but i do not think it is the best time to upgrade the

So, I think it is better to revert digikam now. (Yes, this is one of the
times where I'm actually a bit too nice to really say hard "No way to
upgrade the library" - I would rather prefer to have all the updates in,
but I know that it would have an bad effect on Etch, so I still refuse

Sorry for the late response.


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