Bug#379585: [Pkg-kde-extras] how to continue: digikam 0.9-beta1 in unstable instead of experimental

Mark Purcell msp at debian.org
Wed Jul 26 10:17:08 UTC 2006


Here is my strategy for dealing with the bad uploads of 0.8.2 &
0.9.0-beta. Then again it is 'unstable' we are talking about... :-)

I have filed a bug http://bugs.debian.org/379441 against ftp.debian.org
requesting removal of 0.9 from unstable. Failing that an upload of an epoc
version 1:0.8.2 would be last resort as epoc's "are forever", say if there
isn't any joy from ftp-master in the next week. When (if) frp-master does
remove 0.9 we can then upload an incremented 0.8.2 without epoc.

Meanwhile I have uploaded digikamimageplugins 0.8.2-2 to Build & Depend on
digikam >> 0.8 & << 0.9. This has the effect that apt-get won't normally
upgrade digikam to 0.9-beat if imageplugins 8.2 from unstable is present. 
This should prevent most people from automatically upgrading to 0.9 unless
they deliberatly want to. It also stops the buildd's using mismatched

Not ideal. Sorry about that guys.. :-(

As for svn, the top level README does have some guidance, but I am aware
that you weren't totally convinced last time.

I see little work on 0.8.2 in the future with the bulk of our effort
getting 0.9.0 together for final. In fact when 0.8.2 final migrates to
testing we could probably release 0.9 beta/ rc into unstable with a
serious bug to stop it migrating to testing before 0.9 final is released

Thus I think we should track 0.9.0 in trunk and either:

1. Per the README just svn copy the few additional releases of 8.2
directly in tags, or

2. Generate branches/0.8.2 and then tag as we release.

In my other team (pkg-voip-maintainers) we have done 1.

Comments from others in pkg-kde-extras on 0.8.2 -> 0.9.0 migration or the
svn structure are welcome.


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