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Tue May 1 11:30:50 UTC 2007

(Same disclaimer about writing style)

On Monday 30 April 2007, Ana Guerrero wrote:
> Some stuff already talked about this IRC, I'm repeating here to keep
> the record.

Yeah. Some of my reply also.

> Yes, I think we should start packaging the alphas (or snapshots), but do
> not uploading them to experimental. And starting to upload to experimental
> with the first beta due to June 25 (monday after debconf, ouch).

hmm.. ouch. But yeah. sounds reasonable.

> > We also have the opportunity to skip cdbs if we feel like. Or move patch
> > system to nice quilt. And other decisions. But I think we need the
> > decisions now.
> I would like to continue with CDBS, and I agree about to use quilt.

If no one objects, I tihnk this is the decision then.

> >
> > kde4 currently uses a newer qt4 than the 4.3beta found in the kde
> > subversion - no one knows when qt4.3 will be stable - so we need to get
> > qt4 updated to the the snapshot at least.
> Qt 4.3 will be released before the first beta (first of June) and i hope
> Pyro will uploads. Until them we can always package qt4.3 beta in alioth
> for our use.

I have started on qt4.3 snapshots.

> > strigi is a very important build-dependency of kdelibs. And a newer
> > snapshot from kde trunk is also needed. I would also suggest moving
> > strigi from pkg-kde-extras to pkg-kde. And integrate the maintainers to
> > pkg-kde team.
> There is not really need to move it from a team to the other.  Specially
> because most of us belongs to both teams. 

Yeah. I might just have been damaged by following kde upstream a bit where kde 
is not allowed to depend on -extras stuff.

> Fathi, Mark, what about package 
> lastest snapshot and upload it to experimental?

That would be really awesome. Or upload to alioth.

> This will not be a problem until we upload kde 4.0 to unstable.. someday
> :-) Until then, current dolphin can co-exist happily.  We should talk about
> this with current maintainers, but there is not real hurry in this.

There is no need to hurry this, no. But if I was dolphin maintainer I would 
like to know what was going on related to my package. I know that not all 
people (fortunately) not are like me. Maybe just pointing them to this thread 
in the lists archive?

> > I would also like if we aimed at making all the packages lintian clean.
> > As everything needs to be reworked anyway, we have the opportunity to do
> > it.
> I doubt will be "lintian clean" some day, there will be always false
> positives.

yeah. But beside those.

> >
> > upstream timeline starts with a +
> > My suggested actions are written in between - but maybe too tight.
> >
> > +Mon, 30 April: Merge Phonon/Solid API cleanup branch.  Merge Nepomuk
> > +Tues,  1 May: Begin kdelibs soft API freeze
> > Have qt4 and strigi updated.
> > Review cmake.mk and decide on what to do about how to build
> > +Thu,  3 May: Tag KDE 4.0 Alpha1
> > Infrastructure somewhat usable.
> > Preliminary packages of kdelibs, kdepimlibs, kdebase ready
> > +Tues, 8 May: New Application Freeze, Start Usability and Accessibility
> > Review Do the rest of the packages.
> > +Mon, 14 May: Tag KDE 3.5.7
> > Do kde3.5.7.
> > +Tues, 22 May: Expected release date of KDE 3.5.7
> I can not commit to follow any timeline, sorry.

I would somehow have preferred a answer like:
"I can't commit to a timeline, but it doesn't sound unreasonable and I would 
try to help as good as I can"  or  "I can't commit to a timeline, and this 
one sounds too fast. I would like to give it two more weeks"

I personally prefer missing a approximate timeline that not having any 
timeline to work with.

> Once we start packaging the betas, we could try to publish a lice CD
> with every beta. It is supposed to be easy make them :)

sure. Could probably easy be done.

> I think we have already somehow decided do not make kde4 and kde3 coexist.

The applications, yes. I am not still convinced about kdelibs - but I might be 
when we get closer - but let us wait to finally decide when we get closer.
Whattabout qt3 ? 

I cannot debug the floppy disk, how does it work?

From ICQ you should mount a BIOS over a SCSI FPU.
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