seamonkey progress

Mike Hommey mh at
Sun Oct 8 19:04:33 UTC 2006

More progress:

> - cleanup of the debian/rules


> - removal or fix of the debconf templates

debconf templates removed

> - big cleanup in the maintainer scripts (postinst/postrm) that contain a
>   lot of useless stuff from the mozilla packages

almost done

> - dependencies/conflicts adjustments.

still needs some refinements

> - rebranding.

the biggest that is remaining...

> - removal of the .a files from the packages


> I'm also thinking about renaming seamonkey-common to seamonkey-base, add
> the seamonkey binary to it, and make the other packages depend on it
> instead of seamonkey-browser, but i'll need to check what other files
> might be needed.

almost done

> I may consider adding a new seamonkey-common package
> for common architecture independent files, depending on the size it
> represents.

I'll probably leave that for now...

So, I'm almost at the end of the tunnel, though one very big thing is
still to be done: the rebranding... which also means a huge
s/seamonkey/iceape/ in the debian directory, which may or may not give
me surprises...

I'll probably upload the seamonkey packages once the're done, so that you
can test them and give some feedback if necessary, and will start the
huge s/seamonkey/iceape/ thing then.

Stay tuned.


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