Bug#434243: Xinerama not working in a sane way

Vincent Bernat bernat at luffy.cx
Sat Oct 27 12:13:31 UTC 2007

tags 434243 + patch

OoO Peu avant  le début de l'après-midi du samedi  27 octobre 2007, vers
13:03, je disais:

> Second, I  use fvwm.  Without  Xinerama, vlc is  able to do  full screen
> without a  problem. With Xinerama, I  still get the  title bar.  Without
> Xinerama,  the title  bar  is  present but  hidden  (not visible).  With
> Xinerama, I suppose the title bar is visible because the window is first
> created, then moved (xcommon.c:1656).

> Moreover, the  window has no title,  no class, no resource  name.  It is
> therefore not easy  to ask the window manager to hide  title bar. I have
> tried to set  option 'video-title' with no luck (I  have tried with both
> video-deco equal to  1 and to 0). The block  at xcommon.c:1109 should be
> executed even when we are using fullscreen mode (and even if there is no
> decoration). The no-decoration part too.

Here is a patch that makes me happy with this point:

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