What to do for new packages (was: Multimedia Teams in Debian)

Felipe Sateler fsateler at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 16:56:42 UTC 2008

El 26/11/08 12:27 Felipe Sateler escribió:
> OK, so I'm about to co-maintain liblo, which is an OSC library, and can be
> considered a multimedia package (csound, rosegarden and ardour are some
> "big" packages using it).
> So... I want to bring it under the scope of the teams-to-become-one. I have
> imported the sources into a git repository. demudi already has a git area
> enabled in alioth, pkg-multimedia doesn't. Should I use the demudi area?
> What list should I put in the Maintainer field?
> Given that pkg-multimedia is more active maybe we should it?

So what's the conclusion on this? Since pkg-multimedia doesn't have a git 
repository I just pushed my changes to the demudi git area. I'm still not 
clear on which mailing list to use yet. The poll didn't have much 
participation, and ended up in a 3:2 win for pkg-multimedia. 

While I don't really care which list to use, we should use the resources of 
only one project, I guess (ie, if we are going to use pkg-multimedia we 
should create a git area for it). I can ask for the git area to be created if 
you want.

Felipe Sateler
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