Bug#370599: License terms for AMR floating point C-code?

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Wed Jan 23 14:10:25 UTC 2008

Dear Johan

Sorry about the delay in replying.  I am forwarding your enquiry to the
ETSI legal team, CCed on the present message.

best regards

John M Meredith
3GPP Specifications Manager pp 3gppLegal

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Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2008 3:40 PM
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Subject: License terms for AMR floating point C-code?


I have downloaded the AMR floating point C code from

Under what license terms is this code published?

The problem I'm trying to solve is:
* I shot a short film on my SonyEricsson P1i.
* I downloaded it to my Debian system.
* I can watch it, but I don't get any sound :-(.
* Because of the unclear licensing terms of your reference
implementation for sound decoding, Debian cannot legally distribute an
AMR sound decoder (http://bugs.debian.org/370599).

If you could clarify the license terms of this code, I would appreciate
that a lot.  The current situation of me shooting movies with my cell
phone that I cannot legally watch on my computer is silly :-(.

  Regards //Johan

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