Bug#482894: Please, open again the bug

Christian Marillat marillat at debian.org
Wed Jul 16 08:14:06 UTC 2008

Fabian Greffrath <greffrath at leat.rub.de> writes:


>> Please don't add extra logic in Debian packages to conflict against
>> packages outside Debian. This is not scalable for a start, anyone can
>> start asking for more conflicts. The other way around is scalable and
>> logical: add conflicts in packages outside Debian against packages
>> inside Debian if necessary.

You do what you want, but you'll reply to all bug report filed by
users about this feature ?

Compatiblity may change if debian update ffmpeg to a more recent version. The
curent package is 5 months old. Stop to do ugly hack like the
img_convert patch.

Little problem, since april headers files are not at the same place.


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