Bug#528365: Bug #528365: Test with offical libav* packages and without libavutil50

Pascal Obry pascal at obry.net
Sun Dec 6 20:13:25 UTC 2009


> Removing stuff by hand from /usr/lib is very rarely a good idea.

Right, I have just moved-away to test and replaced the library just after :)

> The following steps should works:
> unbreak a debian system:
>  - remove all references to debian-multimedia.org from
>    /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list
>  - apt-get install libavutil49 libavutil50-
> or with aptitude instead of apt-get.

I see. Yet it still want to remove more than 100 packages amongst them
sound-juicer, abiword, gnumeric, file-roller...

> Note that it will remove the packages needing the special version of
> FFMpeg on debian-multimedia.org.

Packages above does not depends on debian-multimedia, right?

> By official I mean: packages coming from debian.org not from a
> third-party repository.


> http://packages.debian.org/libavutil50 will show you that there is no
> libavutil50 package in Debiani.

Ok, how do you explain that many packages have to be removed.

After editing my source.list, I have made sure my system was clean and

   $ aptitude clean
   $ aptitude update
   $ aptitude dist-upgrade

Any idea?

If not I'll do the removal and try to reinstall all packages after...



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