Bug#515850: RFP: mjpegtools - MJPEG video capture/editting/playback MPEG encoding

Reinhard Tartler siretart at tauware.de
Mon Mar 23 21:17:57 UTC 2009

Christian Marillat <marillat at free.fr> writes:

>> speaking of, did you read the questions from Fabian and Loic about your
>> latest epoch bump in debian-multimedia? Do you plan to answer on that?
> I've already answered. Did you remember your latest discussion ?

Sorry? Could you please resend your answers then?

the mail you've quoted was a mail from me you've never answered, but it
only contained a proposal. I'm talking about the question from Loic and
Fabian why you've decided to bump epoch without coordination with us?
The naming scheme that you've choosen is not exactly convenient for the
current situation, you know?...

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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