[SCM] Free Firewire Audio Drivers (ffado.org) packaging branch, master, updated. upstream/2.0rc1+svn1539-21-g54ef3a4

Adrian Knoth adi at drcomp.erfurt.thur.de
Tue May 19 10:20:08 UTC 2009

On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 06:23:52PM +1000, Felipe Sateler wrote:

> I accidentally replied to Adrian privately, moving back to the list. (BTW, 
> Adrian, please don't CC me, I read the list :).


> > Ah. It's all about
> >
> >    /usr/share/libffado/configuration
> > That's the driver configuration file which defines all the internal
> > settings for the different devices. It is tightly coupled to the
> > library, and it is version-specific. With a new release of libffado, the

> There are solutions. For example, upstream could look for
> /u/s/l/configuration- SOVERSION, or /u/s/libffado1/configuration.

The latter sounds good.

> > Would it help to add a "Conflicts" line, so only libffado0 or libffado1
> > can be installed at the same time? This was my intention: get rid of
> > libffado0, it's the old rc1, and everybody should use rc2.

> The aim of this policy is precisely to allow for both libraries to be present 
> at once. As such, the optimal solution would be to version the configuration 
> file, and distribute it with the package.

Agreed. So I could remove the Replaces line...

What I'm not sure about: don't remove "Replaces", but add "Conflicts".
FFADO is work in progress, and having the old libffado0 is of no use.
Currently, Debian's jackd doesn't use it, so nobody uses it.

IOW, libffado0 is a mistake and should be replaced/updated by libffado1,
the one with SONAME, with six months of bugfixes and so on.  Speaking
from upstream's point of view, supporting an outdated rc should surely
be avoided.

I would be perfectly fine to manually remove libffado0 from Debian, so
we can start from scratch with libffado1. Or, as my original intention
was, let libffado1 conflict with libffado0, forcing all "users"
(non-existent) to upgrade.

BTW: does the version bump libffado0 -> libffado1 means the package has
to wait another month in the NEW queue?


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