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Felipe Sateler fsateler at
Thu May 28 05:02:10 UTC 2009

El jueves 28 de mayo, Reinhard Tartler escribió:
> Reinhard Tartler <siretart at> writes:
> > For beginners, I'd suggest the following workflow (I hope that is
> > wiki-like syntax so that it can easily be copied, please someone review
> > and copy it to the wiki):
> I've updated
> now. Comments, Reviews and corrections welcome.
> I'm particularily unhappy with the section 'tasks for team
> members'. Registering remote archives should probably be seperated into
> its own task. Moreover, notes how to import patches with preserving
> attribution and pushing them to are missing.

What do you mean by registering remote archives? git remote add? If so, why 
would you want it split into a new section?

Some comments:
I would recommend all packagers not committing directly to use rebase, I think 
you can't preserve merge information in a patch series, the commiter may need 
to do conflict resolution. (As an extra, thing, you can use git pull --rebase 
instead of the 2-step fetch and rebase).

Git-import-dsc preserves attributions, so there is no need to set up the 
GIT_AUTHOR_* variables. Upstream source will be marked as imported by the 
committer, but that is not a problem (the important part is the debian patch).

I've modified setup-repository to ensure that we are in the team's area. So the 
create repository step can be:
    ssh /git/pkg-multimedia/setup-repository <project>

I would also recommend using --sign-tags in git-import-orig (and the final git-
buildpackage run).

What do you think about these changes? Do I put this in the wiki?

BTW, at this point I think we can remove the note at the beginning of the 

Felipe Sateler
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