Remaining packages with debian-multimedia at l.d.o as maintainer:

Free Ekanayaka freee at
Sat Nov 13 10:50:20 UTC 2010

Hi Felipe,

thanks for putting the list together :)

|--==> On Mon, 8 Nov 2010 23:31:02 -0300, Felipe Sateler <fsateler at> said:

  FS> (Gürkan, Joost, Romain, Paul and Willem, you are CCed because I don't
  FS> know if you are subscribed to either of the lists. Some background you
  FS> may have missed: we want to repurpose
  FS> debian-multimedia at as a user oriented list, so we need
  FS> to get rid of references to it in packages).

  FS> With my current sid system, there are the following packages with
  FS> debian-multimedia at l.d.o as the Maintainer:

  FS> fusd-kor

I'm not sure if fusd-kor is of any actual use these days (I'm actually
not entirely sure it still works, as I haven't use it for a while).

Maybe we should consider asking its removal from the Debian archive

  FS> gigedit

I don't remember exactly why we uploaded this to experimental, Alessio
do you recall it? I think it's safe to upload it to unstable.



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