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hi all,

i followed some discussion on the frei0r (minimalist api for free
video effects) mailinglist [1], that indicated that the current frei0r
packages in debian are horribly out of date.

given that the current maintainer is willing to hand over the package
(and another-one "freej", a cmdline VC application) (see below), i
would like to maintain those packages under the umbrella of the

it seems that jonas already contacted luca a while ago about "frei0r",
so i think there is already a team :-)

what do you think?



On 2012-07-11 18:57, forum::für::umläute wrote:
> On 2012-07-11 18:48, Luca Bigliardi wrote:
>> Hi Iohannes,
> thanks for the quick response
>> I'll be happy if frei0r and freej packages will get a new
>> maintainer.
>> Please note that around Februrary Jonas Smedegaard <dr at>
>> asked to jump in and work on frei0r packages. You might want to
>> get in contact with him to avoid duplicating efforts.
> ah that's cool. i'm working together with jonas on a number of
> pkg-multimedia packages, so bundling our efforts rather than
> duplicating them should be natural.
> i imported the history of the two packages using git-import-dscs
> (we are using git for packaging), but if you have a vcs for the
> packaging on which to build, that would be even better.
> fgmasdr IOhannes

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