Bits from the Debian Multimedia Team [RELOADED]

Adrian Knoth adi at
Tue Mar 27 08:52:02 UTC 2012

On 03/23/2012 02:38 PM, Felipe Sateler wrote:

> We are still missing an explanation on the following sentence:
> Note that JACK needs to compile with a no-self-connect patch enabled
> in order to prevent clients self-connect/disconnect their own ports to
> ports of other JACK applications. The current jackd2 version available
> in Debian Wheezy fully supports ladish and also cooperates fine with
> it.
> What does this mean for jackd1? If it is enabled, is this worth mentioning?

jackd1 can't be used with ladish, since we don't provide jack1dbus.
AFAIK, there's a patch somewhere, but it's simply not necessary, jackd2
is just fine for that, so we leave jackd1 as is for the purists (no
dependency on dbus and the like).

IMHO, the paragraph about the no-self-connect patch can be removed
entirely, since we already do the right thing(tm). ;)


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