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Wed Feb 21 08:47:04 CET 2007

(new) ivtv-firmware_20070217-1.diff.gz extra non-free/admin
(new) ivtv-firmware_20070217-1.dsc extra non-free/admin
(new) ivtv-firmware_20070217-1_all.deb extra non-free/admin
firmware for the ivtv kernel driver
 The primary goal of the IvyTV Project is to create a kernel driver
 for the iTVC15 familiy of MPEG codecs. The iTVC15 family includes the
 iTVC15 (CX24315) and iTVC16 (CX24316). These chips are commonly found
 on Hauppauge's WinTV PVR-250 and PVR-350 TV capture cards.
 This package contains the recommended firmware for use with the ivtv
 kernel driver.
(new) ivtv-firmware_20070217.orig.tar.gz extra non-free/admin
Changes: ivtv-firmware (1:20070217-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial release. (Closes: #411617)
  * An epoch is used in order to supersede any local packages built using
    the ivtv-make-fwpkg tool previously shipped in ivtv-tools.
  * Conflict with ivtv-utils << 0.8.2-3 because
    /lib/firmware/v4l-cx2341x-init.mpg has moved from there to here.

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