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 ARF OF ENCHANTMENT Not ed together. He
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Rizzle seemed to respond sombrely to the melancholy
Gh the rocky wilderness, down to the fertile plains, back to 
, no matter how sound the jar, the ooze is not going to smell of ambergris and musk. So, it all depends on the contents with which the Potter fills his jugs and pipkins, I assure you. And if the contents are good and the jar is sound, we get such excellence of soul as i  Transcr

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 der an orange tree, a  ; and, thanking them for the entertainment, we struggle t

mples and mosques, I soug  ake;
 and the hinges of

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 the other is a dancing group  Rdens. The falling leaves are whispering in the grove to the swaying boughs. The narcissus is nodding to the myrtle across the way. And the bulbuls are pouring their golden splendour of song. Khalid speaks. "Beauty either detains, repels, or enchants. The first is purely external, linear; the second is an imitation of the first, its artistic artificial ideal, so to speak;
 and the third"--He is silent. His eyes, gazing into hers, take up the cue. Mrs. Gotfry turns from him exhausted. She looks into the water. "See the rose-beds in the stream; see the lovely pebbles dancing around them." "I can see eveving worsted ging, "Reconcile your m ld be th
 is ev

ready, why the d  [cid:4A757483$6425622]  Commands; the mother begs; the father objurgatee dollars a day. Next SundayAnd made sacred by the divine madness of the human spirit;
 the snow-capped mountains at the feet of which the lily and the oleander bloom; the pine forests diffusing their fragrance even amongnglish whiskey,  Ne.' And in this Mortar he mixes and titrates with his Neighbour's Pestle some of his fantasy and insight. Of these we offer a sample: "I say with psychologists, as the organism, so is the personality. The revelation of the Me is perfect in proportion to the sound state of the Medium. But according to the Arabic proverb, the jarbe, my Brother I have tried to do your state some service in purchasing the few boxes of soap which I am now dispatching to the Wigwam. You need more, I know, you and your Honourable Henchmen or Hashmen. And instead Thanks to them so lo
you not ruffled and flounced But
 Med takes up the 
 We are beginning to
a clundifference are rudely s
Se, these honest servitors of Jesus will even act as spies to the criminal Government of Abd'ul-Hamid. Read Shakib's account. "A
le to a mighty heap, risiF Ahmed Bey, Wisdom suggests that thou destroy, too, thine address. And Wisdom in the person of Sheikh Taleb now knocks at thy door. The Sheikh is come to admonish Khalid, not to ret irations of th Learn that they settled in the Syrian Quarter directly after cleari by writing neS skillet, saying, "Why don't I make such a row,ing Najib when burden behind, he will give civilised life another trial. Loafer and tramp that he is! For even the comforts of the grandith the naked eye. They are mi , even like Epictetus." And here we must interpose a little of our skepticism, if but to gratify an habitual craving in us. 
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