[Pkg-octave-devel] Re: Bug#339959: octave2.1-info: does not remove alternatives

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at debian.org
Sun Nov 20 23:03:29 UTC 2005

* Lars Wirzenius <liw at iki.fi> [2005-11-20 00:40]:

> Package: octave2.1-info
> Version: 2.1.72-1
> When testing octave2.1-info with piuparts, I get the following error:
> 0m7.1s ERROR: Package purging left files on system:
>   /etc/alternatives/Octave-FAQ.info.gz
>   /etc/alternatives/liboctave.info.gz
>   /etc/alternatives/octave.info.gz
>   /usr/share/info/Octave-FAQ.info.gz
>   /usr/share/info/liboctave.info.gz
>   /usr/share/info/octave.info.gz
> This would seem to be because the prerm or postrm scripts don't remove
> the alternatives created by the postinst.

I am taking care of this bug report (as well as of Bug#339964).  Uploads
will be done by tomorrow.

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