[Pkg-openldap-devel] Proposed layout for svn.

Russ Allbery rra at debian.org
Wed Dec 12 00:21:25 UTC 2007

Steve Langasek <vorlon at debian.org> writes:

> Is there any reason not to look at the existing 2.4.6 for getting a head
> start on the GNUTLS bits?  Transitioning everything off of the existing
> libldap2 package is going to take some time, and the sooner we get
> started the better; so if 2.4.6 is suitable aside from the BDB4.6
> concerns, I'd rather not be blocked on 2.4.7.

No, none, however be aware that databases will require a dump and restore
between 2.4.6 and 2.4.7.

> On the Ubuntu side, we're hoping to have libldap2 dropped in time for
> hardy (the April 2008 release).

That would be great.  I have (as previously warned would happen) very
limited time to work on the OpenLDAP packages again, so I haven't sent out
any further details like I was planning on doing, but I don't think
anything I have to say should hold up moving forward.

I think we should package 2.4.6 right now for unstable and start seeing if
it will work.

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