[Pkg-openmpi-maintainers] Bug#376833: Bug#376833: Next steps

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Sat Mar 8 15:30:15 UTC 2008

Hi Adam,  

[ Jeff/Tim: This is about the outstanding Debian bug report(s) regarding the
architectures without atomic ops -- where we cannot build Open MPI. It has
been suggested in the past to try libatomic-ops-dev which seems to lack one
or two instructions needed by Open Mpi ]

On 8 March 2008 at 09:12, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
| Hi Dirk,
| I'm afraid I don't have a lot of time just now, but to me next steps
| seem like:
|      1. Install libatomic-ops-dev.
|      2. Try building openmpi without the included atomic ops and with
|         this lib.
|      3. If it works, great!  If it doesn't, try to adjust the calls
|         and/or ask on the openmpi mailing list.
|      4. If they suggest a workaround, great!  If not, wishlist
|         libatomic-ops-dev to add the needed functionality.
|      5. When everything works, push the change upstream.
| If you don't get to it first, I can do 1-2 in about 2-3 weeks...

Do you have access to any of the missing arches without atomic ops from

Or are you in fact suggesting that supplant what upstream has with
libatomic-ops-dev?  I would hesitate a great before doing that -- I tend to
trust upstream in these matters.

Generally speaking, it may be worthwhile going to upstream now. So lemme CC
them, as well as co-maintainer Manuel.

I should point out to Jeff and Tim that we do get quasi-constant grief about
Open MPI not spanning the Debian universe of arches.  I personally fall back
to Lam where Open MPI is missing but that is indeed somewhat cheesy.
Longer-term, full support across all hardware platform would be great.
But I am talking way out of area of expertise here -- what do you upstream
guys think? Let us have it, and don't hold back.


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