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Author: carnil-guest
Date: Sun May 23 10:19:30 2010
New Revision: 58287

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further expand the description for package


Modified: trunk/libgraph-easy-perl/debian/control
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+++ trunk/libgraph-easy-perl/debian/control Sun May 23 10:19:30 2010
@@ -20,7 +20,12 @@
  connected by edges (with optional labels).
  It can read and write graphs in a varity of formats, as well as render
- them via its own grid-based layouter.
+ them via its own grid-based layouter. It has export filters for Graphviz, 
+ VCG (Visualizing Compiler Graphs), GDL (Graph Description Language) and
+ GraphML. Import filters are for Graphviz, VCG and GDL.
  Since the layouter works on a grid (manhattan layout), the output is
  most useful for flow charts, network diagrams, or hierarchy trees.
+ .
+ Graph::Easy has an easy-to-understand, compact and human readable graph 
+ description language.

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