[SCM] Debian packaging of libcatalyst-manual-perl branch, master, updated. debian/5.9000-1-10-g34f9e72

gregor herrmann gregoa at debian.org
Sun Sep 4 13:01:38 UTC 2011

The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit d5626f5ece77e320f00e71209620ea09e9a1da09
Author: gregor herrmann <gregoa at debian.org>
Date:   Sun Sep 4 14:46:37 2011 +0200

    Update years of copyright.

diff --git a/debian/copyright b/debian/copyright
index 8db716b..483764a 100644
--- a/debian/copyright
+++ b/debian/copyright
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Source: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Catalyst-Manual/
 Name: Catalyst-Manual
 Files: *
-Copyright: 2005-2010, Sebastian Riedel <sri at cpan.org>, Catalyst Core Team
+Copyright: 2005-2011, Sebastian Riedel <sri at cpan.org>, Catalyst Core Team
 License: Artistic or GPL-1+
 X-Comment: this data is copied directly from libcatalyst-perl; the POD
  states that this distribution follows the same copyright as Catalyst
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ Copyright: 2006, Jonathan Rockway <jrockway at cpan.org>
 License: Artistic or GPL-1+
 Files: lib/Catalyst/Manual/Tutorial.pod, lib/Catalyst/Manual/Tutorial/*
-Copyright: 2006-2010, Kennedy Clark <hkclark at gmail.com>
+Copyright: 2006-2011, Kennedy Clark <hkclark at gmail.com>
 License: CC-By-SA-3.0-US
 Files: lib/Catalyst/Manual/Tutorial/09_AdvancedCRUD/09_FormHandler.pod
@@ -23,15 +23,15 @@ Copyright: 2009, Gerda Shank <gshank at cpan.org>
 License: Artistic
 Files: inc/Module/*
-Copyright: 2002-2011, Adam Kennedy <adamk at cpan.org>
- 2002-2011, Audrey Tang <autrijus at autrijus.org>
- 2002-2011, Brian Ingerson <ingy at cpan.org>
+Copyright: 2002-2010, Adam Kennedy <adamk at cpan.org>
+ 2002-2010, Audrey Tang <autrijus at autrijus.org>
+ 2002-2010, Brian Ingerson <ingy at cpan.org>
 License: Artistic or GPL-1+
 Files: debian/*
 Copyright: 2009-2010, Jonathan Yu <jawnsy at cpan.org>
  2009-2011, Ansgar Burchardt <ansgar at debian.org>
- 2009, gregor herrmann <gregoa at debian.org>
+ 2009-2011, gregor herrmann <gregoa at debian.org>
  2008, Krzysztof Krzyzaniak (eloy) <eloy at debian.org>
 License: Artistic or GPL-1+

Debian packaging of libcatalyst-manual-perl

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