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Perl module for serializing a data structure as Perl code
 Given a list of scalars or reference variables, writes out
 their contents in perl syntax. The references can also be
 objects. The contents of each variable is output using the least
 number of Perl statements as convenient, usually only one.
 Self-referential structures, closures, and objects are output
 The return value can be evaled to get back an identical copy
 of the original reference structure. In some cases this may
 require the use of utility subs that
 Data::Dump::Streamer|Data::Dump::Streamer will optionally
 This module is very similar in concept to the core module
 Data::Dumper|Data::Dumper, with the major differences
 being that this module is designed to output to a stream
 instead of constructing its output in memory (trading speed
 for memory), and that the traversal over the data structure
 is effectively breadth first versus the depth first
 traversal done by the others.
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Changes: libdata-dump-streamer-perl (2.03-30-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial Release (closes: #438484).

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